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September 21: Philip Skene and the Battle of Bennington

Lt. Col. Baum was commanded to “try the affections of the country” on his march to Bennington. As Chief Commissioner of Supplies and Commissary of Oaths, Philip Skene served these roles as a follower of the British Army and was in charge of crucial interactions with inhabitants of New York. He joined the Baum expedition and was present for the second engagement. David Pitlyk will give a presentation about this influential man and the events surrounding his life. Pitlyk is currently the Historic Site Assistant at Bennington Battlefield. He previously served as Interpretation Coordinator for the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum and graduated from The University at Albany with degrees in history and education.


October 19: The Underground Railroad: a New Interpretation of an Old Story

While the Underground Railroad is a piece of American history that is thought to be well known, research into period documents tells a very different story than the one that is traditionally taught and held in public memory. Mary Liz and Paul Stewart will revisit this fascinating period in history, examining its public side, the role of African Americans and women, the myths vs. reality, and more. The Stewarts are independent scholars and co-founders of Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, Inc., a public history organization dedicated to the research, celebration and preservation of documented Underground Railroad history and its relevance for today, with an emphasis on African American abolitionists and freedom seekers.


November 16: Return without Fail: Four Hundred Re-Discovered Photos of Rensselaer County Boys in the World War I

Peter Lindemann will give a presentation on World War I featuring photographs, along with letters and stories of heroic Rensselaer County men and women. Following the war, the state historians asked all town historians to submit reports on local wartime activities, including photographs of the soldiers, for a planned publication on NYS in the WW. Most towns in Rensselaer County complied, with about 400 soldier photographs submitted, many with instructions such as “return without fail”. However, no funds were appropriated for this work, so the publication was never produced. Now 100 years later, these photographs have been re-discovered. Lindemann, retired from the NYS Assembly, is an historian, a re-enactor of Abraham Lincoln and an author of books on local history.



All meetings will be held at the Pittstown Town Hall in Tomhannock at 7:30 PM

The Pittstown Town Hall is located at 97 Tomhannock Rd, Valley Falls, NY

Lectures will be preceded by a brief meeting of the Pittstown Historical Society  Refreshments will be served following each lecture.

Meetings are free and open to the public. 

For further information about the meetings, contact:

Connie Kheel (518)686-7514 or email: pittstownhs@gmail.com


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